Whenever people talk about renting rooms or house sharing most people automatically think of students or people on DSS/LHA. It is often seen as the grubby end of the rental market and one where people would not really aspire to be.

Over the last few years house sharing has become a much better option for young, working, professionals and key workers due to the difficulties that we have all seen the the property market. On the buying side of things, first time buyers have effectively been closed out of the market due to rising demands from mortgage lenders around their lending criteria and specifically the amount of deposit they require from people. We are now seeing a drip through of first time buyer mortgage products that seem to fit in with the “old way” of doing things e.g. much lower deposits, but also with an element of shared ownership or interest free loan to the first time buyer to be able to put down a big enough amount up front.

On the rental side of things, the rental market has seen demands levels at record highs and such rental prices have generally risen around the country. People tend to stay in the same accommodation for longer due to the shortage of supply and also to try and keep their rental costs as low as possible. As soon as you move you are likely to be charged the current rental value on a new property to rent.

What this has meant is that more and more professional people are not only considering house sharing but are actually now able to find higher quality house sharing properties to rent on a room by room basis. The general standard of properties where you can rent a room is still fairly basic but there are a growing number of professional landlords offering high quality properties to professional people. In Chelmsford there is a large collection of young, working professionals that either commute to London each day or work in the local area and with rents rising on most properties it makes economic sense to rent a room which on average will save you over £300 per month compared to a 1 bed flat in Chelmsford.

For many it is a means to an end. Saving money whilst still renting puts them in a great position to be able to afford to rent a flat or house in the near future and even help them save for a deposit to be able to buy their own property once the mortgage market picks up again.

Young, working professionals want a hassle free home life. We offer an all inclusive rent which covers the gas,electric, water, council tax, TV license, wireless broadband, weekly cleaner and gardener. There are no bills to pay or utility companies to speak to. We even furnish the properties completely and to a high standard so you literally just turn up with your personal belongings and away you go!!

Living with other like-minded professional people is also a great way to make friends and live in a sociable environment. You can still have your own privacy and peace and quiet in your own room and it is actually rare for every tenant to be at home at the same point anyway so you still have the ability to make use of all the communal facilities without feeling like you are treading on other people’s toes.

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