Chelmsford has been and always will be a popular place to rent a property. There are a good mixture of properties to rent in Chelmsford from studios and one bed flats to 4 & 5 bedroom houses.Rentng in Chelmsford is not particularly cheap due to the availability of property and the general infrastructure and location of the town with particular influence of the close proximity to London (especially for the 14,000 that commute to London for work everyday)

Rents generally start around £450 per calendar month (pcm) for studio flats. If living on your own is your only option or only choice then the costs whilst looking initially cheap can soon add up. So where does renting a room or house sharing fit into the range of options available? Well, in our opinion they offer a much more flexible, cost effective and fixed price way of living. The main issue with renting a room is often the perceived reputation of “just renting a room” and often the quality of the accommodation is often very basic or just seen as the grubby end of the rental sector. We offer high quality, low cost, all inclusive accommodation for working professionals and key workers. Whilst technically we still offer rooms to rent, there is a huge difference between the standards of the rooms and properties we offer and the majority of other landlords in Chelmsford.

Renting a room in Chelmsford is usually a shorter term solution for most tenants. it is usually a stepping stone onto other accommodation. Maybe someone has just moved out of home for the first time and want to keep costs as low as possible without having to live in a grotty flat, maybe someone has just split up with their partner and needs to find alternative accommodation for a few months to get themselves back on their feet, maybe someone is moving to the area for the first time and wants the opportunity to meet other like-minded people as well, maybe someone wants to save up to be able to buy their own property and wants to find the cheapest accommodation to rent and recognise house sharing as the way to do it. All the situation are very familiar for what we see and its amazing to hear the journies of our tenants to see how they have chosen to live in our rooms and properties in Chelmsford.

If you are looking to rent in Chelmsford and want to consider the house sharing solution that we offer then please contact us If you still thinking of renting a room as the last option then think again. Please see pictures of our properties here