We have been renting rooms to tenants in Chelmsford since 2005 and so we know a thing or two about what tenants are looking for when they want to rent a room in a shared house in Chelmsford. Below we have put together our top 5 things that tenants are looking for from a Chelmsford houseshare.



Having access to a good broadband connection is vital these days for most people and tenants that rent a room in Chelmsford are just as likely to want to have a broadband connection in the house that they can use when they want.



From a tenants point of view there is nothing better than having a fixed cost for you rent each month. Landlords that still offer rooms to rent where you still have to pay bills on top are in the minority but there are still some that work on the basis that tenants need to split the bills between them and then someone in the house needs to collect those payments and then pay the utility company. We offer an all inclusive rent that covers gas, electric, water, council tax, wireless broadband, weekly cleaner & gardener. To see more click here



Tenants that want to rent a room in a property in Chelmsford often want to be close to the town centre &/or train station. Click here to see a map of the location of our properties. Many of our properties are within reasonable walking distance of Chelmsford town centre and yet we still have properties that cover all locations within the area of Chelmsford and often have off road parking facilities, access to walking and cycle routes and main bus routes.



All of our properties have been purchased within the last 5 or 6 years and all had major refurbishment work done to them at the outset. We are now undertaking a new refreshment/refurbishment programme on all the properties to make sure they stay looking clean, fresh and modern. To find out more about this please click here




Every tenant has a story of how they used to rent from a landlord that either didn’t care about them or didn’t care about the property they lived in. We actually own and run a company to focus on the ongoing management and maintenance of the properties that we own and for those that we manage for other landlords/investors – To find out more about our team please click here


If you are looking for a room to rent in Chelmsford then please either Register Your Requirement or click here to see our Latest Availability list of rooms in Chelmsford.