Having now provided rooms to rent in Chelmsford since 2005 we are experts at knowing why people want to rent a room from us in Chelmsford. We explain below what the top 5 reasons are why people want to house share and rent a room.


1) Lower cost of living

Renting a room in a house share property in Chelmsford is THE most cost effective way of living. On average tenants will save over £300 per month by renting a room in one of our properties. Click here to see more details on this. Most of our tenants earn between £15,000 and £30,000 per annum so a saving of £300 per month is significant and a major reason why people look at renting a room in Chelmsford rather than renting a flat on their own.


2) All inclusive rent (Fixed cost of living)

Not only is renting a room in a shared house much cheaper than renting a 1 bed flat on your own but in general the cost of living is fixed as all bills are included in the rent. It makes it much easier to budget each month as you know what the outgoings for rent are likely to be. The rent includes all the bills for gas, electric, water, sewerage, council tax, broadband, cleaner and gardener. To find out more details about what we provide in our properties in Chelmsford please click here


3) New jobs or relocation to Chelmsford

Despite the economic doom and gloom, Chelmsford is still an active place to do business and local employment rates are still high and stable. Every month we get enquiries from people that are moving to the town for work and have been offered a new job in the many different sectors of employment that the town offers. Key workers are still a main focus for us as a Lettings company and we regularly get enquiries from people in the Key worker sector. To see the Latest Availability for rooms we have to rent in Chelmsford please click here.



4) Fully furnished accommodation

Generally when you rent a room in a shared house you get to rent fully furnished accommodation not just in the communal areas of the property but of the room itself as well. Furniture in the bedrooms includes single or double beds, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair. Kitchens and living rooms are fully furnished with all the necessary items and therefore with the fixed cost of living it also makes it the most convenient way of living also.


5) More flexible renting terms

Renting a room in a shared house is often seen to be a more shorter term accommodation solution and therefore it is easier for people to rent a room on a short term contract rather than on a 12 month basis as per most normal terms on flats and houses in Chelmsford. Our standard terms are 6 month AST contracts however where needed we can offer shorter contracts of a minimum term of 3 months.


If you are looking to rent a room in Chelmsford then please click here to see our latest availability list. If you would like to register your requirement directly then please fill in the details on the following form.