When it comes to the time that our tenants move out we always ask them to complete a feedback form which we do like to get and see either how we could improve the service we provide or to get good comments or testimonials if we have provided a good service.

Any landlord that tells you that all their tenants are delighted are liars! You can not please all of the people all of the time, however you can get a good impression of the service from the testimonials that they receive from previous tenants. As a company we do not like to ‘lose’ any tenants as a result or something that we have or haven’t done and I think that has always been the case.

Happy tenants are happy customers and so we do always try to ensure that are tenants are happy, safe and enjoy living in the accommodation that we provide. This is why we have a full time Lettings Manager & Property Manager who are available to respond to any problems, issues etc during your tenancy. Happy tenants also make it enjoyable for all the other tenants in the house. As we mainly provide house sharing accomodation in Chelmsford it helps if the tenants get along and enjoy sharing the property with their housemates.

Please do read the Testimonials that we have received from some of our previous tenants.

We also manage some properties in our portfolio in Chelmsford, Essex for other landlords and investors. We have been providing this service now for over 3 years and have received some great feedback from those landlords throughout that time that are really happy with the service we have provided for them. Please check out their comments towards the bottom of this link

We have been providing high quality, low cost, house sharing accommodation in Chelmsford for over 5 years now and have built up a good reputation locally as a leading provider of this type of accommodation.

If you are looking for a room to rent in Chelmsford please do contact us to find out more or check out our latest availability here