Here are a selection of testimonials from previous and existing tenants that have rented rooms through our company Chelmsford Rooms to Rent


“I want to thank you for the great service you have provided me over the last few months. I intend on moving back to this area in a years time after I sort a few things out at home and will look to rent off your agency again.”

Nathan – Previous tenant at Towncroft, Chelmsford


“Hi Tony, I just want to say thank you again for all your help. We had a great time in Sunrise Avenue and hope your new tenant is happy there. Best wishes Emma.

Emma – Previous tenant at Sunrise Avenue, Chelmsford


“Thank you so much. Hope to get it ASAP. Well in future will definitely contact “Chelmsford Rooms to Rent” for sure. Thanks.”

Dickyi – Previous tenant at Cramphorn Walk, Chelmsford 


“Your properties are very nice and are nicely managed. You are doing a good job.I have started moving my stuff back to London as my family live there. But again if I planned to move back to Chelmsford then I would only like to rent property from you. So I would like to say thanks for all your kind support”

Fiona L – Previous tenant at The Windmills, Chelmsford


“I would also like to mention I had a look at your company website and was very impressed with what I saw. I’m glad I have found Chelmsford Rooms to Rent, albeit through what may be construed as an unorthodox route! It’s good to know that there are specialist agents out there like yourselves who can deal with house shares in such a professional manner. I would also like to say that I was extremely impressed with you, I found you very knowledgeable and friendly, and more than happy to come and meet me on an early Sunday morning, i have found many other landlords are not willing to do this”.

GRAHAM T – Previous tenant in Sunrise Avenue, Chelmsford


“I had great time in your flat and you were so kind every time. Thanks very much”!

CHISATO K – Previous tenant in Cramphorn Walk, Chelmsford


“Amy and I truly enjoy renting from your company, you handled everything so professionally and was fantastic, and we are truly grateful”.

HELEN H – Previous tenant in Bishop Rd, Chelmsford


“Thanks for showing me round earlier, I appreciate you taking your time out on a Sunday morning, and at such short notice! First impressions of the room were great, one of the best rooms that I have seen (and I have seen a few), therefore I would like to take the  room if that is still agreeable with yourself. I really appreciate you obliging to move me in on a Bank Holiday Monday. It shows how much you as a company are willing to put yourselves out, and you are so friendly and kind, your manager (landlord) has found a gem in you”.

SEBASTIAN – Tenant in Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford


“Having lived as a long term tenant and having Chelmsford Rooms to Rent as my landlord, I can only congratulate them on the service they provided to me.  They always sorted matters/problems as quickly as they could and were always at the end of the phone if necessary.  They did not unexpectedly turn up at the property without giving prior notice and are very quick at sorting out deposit etc.. once you decide to leave.  All in all a very pleasant change from the usual landlords you come across”

SHILPA P – Previous tenant at Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford


“Thank you so much for making such an effort to get me sorted, I really appreciated it.  You should show this to your boss and make sure he realises how hard you work for your tenants! I have kept your details and I will pass them on to any of my friends who need rooms too”.

SARA D – Prospective tenant at Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford


“I like to think that I have been a model tenant and that I’ve maintained the room to a suitable standard. I would also like to thank Gabe for being so prompt and helpful in all that has been asked of him. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Chelmsford Rooms to Rent to any future tenants”.

STUART G – Previous tenant at Sunrise Avenue, Chelmsford


“Thank you for the service I have received whilst a tenant in your property. I would be happy to recommend Chelmsford Rooms to Rent to other prospective renters and would appreciate it that should the estate agent I have used to find my new property contact you to obtain a reference supporting my application you would be able to provide that”.

MATT G – Previous tenant at Towncroft, Chelsmford