September is usually a busy month for us with enquiries coming in from people for a wide range of reasons. Last September we were inundated with enquiries from students looking for accommodation Chelmsford as they were starting back at Anglia Ruskin University. We do not really rent rooms to students but we are prepared to look at enquiries on a case by case basis as not all students are the same! We have properties in roads close to the University like Bishop Road, Swiss Avenue etc so it really depends on what rooms we have available in those properties as to whether we would consider renting to a student.

Due to a high number of enquiries in August we also have limited availability in Chelmsford anyway as we head into September so if you are looking to move then it is important to contact us ASAP and let us know your requirements. Please look here for our Latest Availability for rooms to rent in Chelmsford.

September also seems to be a busy month for people starting new jobs. After the relatively quiet recruitment period of July and August local businesses in Chelmsford and other towns in Essex seem to use September as a good  month to bring in new members of staff and therefore we also see a spike in demand from people that are new to the area and moving to Chelmsford specifically for a new job with a local business.