If you are looking for a room to rent in Chelmsford, Essex then you have a few options as to where you can find these rooms and properties and where the actual rooms and properties are located in the town of Chelmsford.

We generally advertise most of our rooms online via this site and on specialise house sharing sites such as www.spareroom.co.uk/u88253 We also advertise our rooms on property and lettings sites such as www.rightmove.co.uk in conjunction with some local estate and letting agents.

In Chelmsford the prices of rooms range from as low as £65 per week up to a maximum of approximately £140 per week. These prices usually include all the utility bills although those at the cheaper end of the scale will usually have some form of additional top up to the rent payment so please beware of any low prices that you see and ask if there are any additional bills that you will have to pay.

When renting a room you usually get exactly what you pay for so the higher priced rooms usually offer a better quality and will definitely be an all inclusive rent. The higher priced rooms will usually be the biggest rooms or those with ensuite facilities. Ensuite rooms will always command a premium as you will not have to share a bathroom so if that is a major part of your requirement then be prepared to pay over £100 per week for such a room.

A lot of rooms will usually be on offer from live in landlords. Those are properties where you will need to share the communal areas of the house with the owner as well as maybe other tenants also. We wrote a blog post about this last year. Please click here to see the differences between a live in and live out landlord. In some cases live in landlords will charge a lower rent for an equivalent room where the landlord does not live in the property due to the Rent a Room Scheme which allows people to rent out a room in their house for up to £4,250 per annum or £81.73 per week. You need to weigh up the benefits of a potential lower rent with the disadvantage of living with your landlord and sharing the communal facilities in their property.

We are one of only a small group of landlords or letting agents that offer professional house shares in Chelmsford and who have multiple rooms in Chelmsford so we usually have rooms that fit all requirements and the list of available rooms changes regulalry. Check out our Latest Availability here

Within Chelmsford, you can rent rooms in all the different parts of the town including Broomfield, Springfield, Moulsham Lodge, Great Baddow, Melbourne, Town Centre, Newland Spring, Old Moulsham etc. There are no specific clusters of house sharing properties within Chelmsford but usually the closer to the town centre you go the more rooms to rent you will find. Some styles of properties in different parts of the town lend themselves to being rented out on a room by room basis. Town houses are a particular example of this. Each location within Chelmsford will offer advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you find a location that works best for you and your requirement. We have rooms and properties in most locations within Chelmsford.

If you have a requirement to rent a room in Chelmsford and have seen all the information on this site then please contact us