If you are a couple looking to rent a flat or house in Chelmsford then you might also want to consider renting a room or house sharing. Couples renting a room in a shared house can be a bit of a contentious issue but if it is managed correctly then it should work out well for all parties.

From the couple’s point of view renting a large room in a shared house is by far the cheapest way of living in the rental sector. You may be looking at a monthly rent of approximately £500-£550 per month if you are a couple looking for a room in one of our properties. it is important to remember the major benefits of renting a room versus renting a studio or one bed flat. See our previous post on this here

If the couple then split that cost in half and each pay an equal share then at £500 per month in total that is only £250 each per month and that includes all bills and fully furnished accommodation. What better way to live with your partner but still be able to to save money for your own flat or house in the future?! The rent that you pay as a couple is more than the price of the room if there was only one person living in that room but that is due to the extra usage of gas, electric, water etc so that is only fair on everyone.

There are some points that need to be considered regarding couples renting a room in a shared house. From our point of view we need to ensure we do not exceed any fire or health and safety restrictions and therefore we can only allow couples in our largest double rooms and therefore not every house we have would be suitable for a couple to live in. We do advertise our rooms and advise which ones may be suitable for a couple. The other major consideration from our point of view is the overall number of tenants in the property and then the impact on the facilities such as the kitchen and bathrooms in the property.

Some individual tenants also do not like the thought of living with a couple but as per any tenant you must look at everyone on their own merits. As long as the room is big enough for a couple and there are enough facilities in the property then renting to a couple for us in Chelmsford is not an issue.

We currently have some large double rooms becoming available in Chelmsford in the next few weeks and so those may be suitable for couples. Please check out our Latest Availability here

If you have any questions or want to contact us directly then please do so ASAP.