If you are renting in Chelmsford then renting a room in a shared house can be seen as a last resort when the preference may be to have your own studio or 1 bed flat in Chelmsford. However, when you do a straight forward comparison in terms of costs and facilities then renting a room wins hands down!

Many of our tenants rent a room first and then move on to rent a studio or flat in Chelmsford once they earn more money through their job or when they then decide to rent a property with a partner or friend.

Whilst it is very easy to understand that someone might want a “place to themselves” in their own flat there are actually many benefits to renting a room in a professional shared house.

1)    Costs

In Chelmsford, Essex the average price to rent a studio flat is £460 per month (May 10) and the average cost to rent a 1 bedroom flat in Chelmsford is £572 per month (May 10). These costs are simply the rent and do not include any other living expenses. In our high quality, low cost, all inclusive house share accommodation we include gas, electric, water, Council tax, wireless broadband, weekly cleaner, gardener and off road parking within the fixed monthly rental amount. If you were going to pay for these costs on top of your rent in a studio or flat then our estimation is that this would add at least another £175 per month on top of the rental amount. The average price to rent a room in one of our properties in Chelmsford is £433 per month including all the above costs. On a one bedroom flat that is a total average saving of £314 per month!!

2)      Fully furnished or not?

Unless you rent a fully furnished flat then you will need to provide all the furniture that you need to make the property comfortable and useable. The cost of this is obviously dependent upon your tastes and how much “stuff” you have from living in previous accommodation but usually it will involve some further expenditure on items such as microwaves, beds, wardrobes etc. We provide all inclusive rents as well as fully furnished accommodation so you will not need to purchase any additional items. A typical bedroom consists of a single or double bed and mattress, chest of drawers, wardrobe, desk and chair. All rooms are furnished in a modern, neutral style to cater for most tastes and to allow you to put your own personal touch on your room. In the communal areas we provide a fully kitted out kitchen and living room including a TV, DVD player and Freeview box.

3)      Setting up utilities

In a studio or flat once you move in you will need to contact all the utility companies to provide them with meter readings, set up an account in your name and set up a regular means of payment. To provide the same services as our accommodation you will need a broadband connection, cleaner and gardener also.

By living in one of our properties on an all inclusive basis you never have to contact any utility companies or take the risk of variable monthly bills which can sometimes come as a bit of a surprise if you are on a tight budget.

4)      Social aspects

Very rarely will you find everyone at home at the same time in a house share situation but living with likeminded people increases the chances that you will meet people that you will enjoy spending time with at home as house mates and can socialise with as friends as well. If you live in a flat on your own you will miss out on this opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the variety of living with other people.



There are many advantages to renting a room versus living in a 1 bedroom flat on your own and if you are considering both options then hopefully you can see not only from a financial  point of view but also a convenience angle and potential friendship angle that house sharing can be a fantastic option.

Tony Pepper (Lettings Manager)

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