The Windmills Premium Room, Chelmsford Rooms to RentIn any business, recommendations or referrals are one of the best ways to get new business and clients. With our business that is exactly the same.

All our tenants are able to earn £50 for every successful referral they pass over to us who then goes on to take a room in one of our properties. On previous occasions the most popular referral has been for a work colleague. Many local businesses in Chelmsford will have employees that live in shared accommodation. if someone is happy with where they are living and want to share that with a friend or work colleague that is great for us.

Even if you are not a tenant but know of someone that is looking for a new room to rent in Chelmsford (or indeed our property in Hutton) then we are happy to pay you a referral fee of £50 also.

Just let us know who you have referred and we will let you know if that leads to a successful outcome for us and the new tenant.

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