Last week the route of the Olympic torch was confirmed as coming through Chelmsford but I wonder how many spectators or officials will choose Chelmsford as their “base” for the Olympics. As of yet we have not heard of any significant interest or deals being done in terms of accommodation during the Olympics however Chelmsford is a great location to be based.

Being only 25 minutes from Stratford on the train, Chelmsford is far enough out to get away from the vast majority of the chaos that will occur during those weeks and yet it is near enough to make it easy to get into the area on the train (as long as they run regularly and on time!)

Rental prices in areas close to Stratford will already have gone through the roof and no doubt prices will continue to rise the closer to the event we get. Chelmsford however, being far enough away from Stratford should offer a cost effective alternative solution for those with a tighter budget. No doubt there will be some opportunities for landlords to make extra profits during the event but it is important not to be too greedy and offer good value for money where possible.

The most economical way for people to rent accommodation in towns and cities around the UK is to rent a room in a house share. We specialise in offering high quality, low cost, all inclusive house sharing accommodation in Chelmsford (& not Hutton also). So far we have not had any Olympic related enquiries and I think any interest in rooms to rent in Chelmsford for the Olympic festival will be fairly last minute once other avenues have been investigated or simply priced out of the market.

Renting a room means the accommodation is already furnished, is ideal for shorter term rental periods, is the most cost effective way of living and also gives you an opportunity to meet other tenants, local to the area that can show you around or simply make your stay more social than simply renting a hotel room or a one bedroom flat on your own.

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