chelmsford siteChelmsford achieved city status back in 2012 and since then we have seen numerous stories about the development (or redevelopment) of parts of Chelmsford. Whilst not directly related to rooms to rent we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the major projects happening already happening or planned to happen in the next few years.

The first project we are going to highlight is the development of the former Anglia Ruskin University site in the city centre. The University actually stopped using those buildings a few years ago and have set empty ever since. Work began earlier this year to begin clearing the site to make way for a whole new development.

The site itself is now owned by Genesis Housing Association & measures just over 8 acres in total. The master plan is to develop a mixed use site consisting of 500 new homes. There will also be new office space, retail outlets including a new supermarket, open space & community units. Some of the new housing will be contained in a new 13 storey tower block, similar to the block at the above the bus station just up the road.

Redeveloping this site will create jobs during the construction period as well as after the development has finished. If you travel in or out of Chelmsford on the train you can see the big crater they have been digging in recent months. Much of this is for footing for the new buildings as well as under ground car parking. The site will hopefully be completed by 2015.

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