Chelmsford has always been a popular location for young, working professional tenants to want to live. The market for renting rooms in the city of Chelmsford has always been fairly strong. There is not a huge student market in Chelmsford although that is a viable market for some landlords with properties in close proximity to Anglia Ruskin University and Writtle College.

The latest figures (May 2012) from Spareroom shows the following:

76 rooms available to rent in Chelmsford

96 rooms available to rent in Chelmsford

That gives a ratio of 1.26 to 1

These numbers may be lower than the number of rooms and people looking for rooms to rent in Chelmsford as the figures are only from one website however it still shows a positive number.

If you are looking to rent a room in Chelmsford then you can see that there will be competition from other potential tenants looking at those rooms also.

If you are looking for a room to rent in Chelmsford you can see our latest availability here