In general we collect rents from our tenants on a monthly basis. We usually arrange for rents to be paid to us on or around the 1st of each month. This ensures that our administriation is minimsed as much as possible as we can expect all the rents from every tenant to be paid around the same time and from the tenants’ point of view they know exactly when their rent is due each month and in the majority of cases it co-incides with the week after they have been paid from their employers.

We require our tenants to set up a monthly standing order payment for their rent and for it to run for the life of their tenancy with us. You can pay in cash however the amount you have to pay each month is a lot higher than setting up a standing order.

In all our house sharing properties the rent you pay covers all bills such as water, gas, electric, Council tax, wireless broadband, weekly cleaner and gardener so there is nothing else to pay to us on top of your rent payment each month. It makes it easy for everyone concerned.

If you plan to move in or out of one of our rooms mid month then you pay a pro rata amount for the period of time in that month that you move in or out. Rent must be paid in advance of moving into a property and the final rent payment must be made before you leave rather than just taking it directly from your deposit.

Should you not pay your rent on time, you will be issued with a reminder via letter or email asking for payment to be made ASAP and should the rent not be paid then you will start to incur charges on top of the rent which you will be made aware of. We always encourage our tenants to let us know if there will be a problem paying the rent. Trying to avoid or ignore us will not work! Should you choose to ignore our warning and requests for payment, we will be left with no other option than to begin legal proceedings to seek eviction from the room and then seek further recovery of the outstanding financial amount.

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Should you have any questions or wish to make an enquiry then please contact us