In March 2011 Chelmsford Rooms to Rent launched our new service to potential tenants by providing them with floor plans for each of the housesharing properties that we own or manage in Chelmsford. The floor plans give potential tenants all the information they need to understand the layout of the property and where their room may be located. They are ideal for people that perhaps can not physically come and see all the properties they want because they have not moved to the area yet or for those potential tenants that wish to try and filter out properties that they don’t actually want to see or where they have a specific requirement about the location of their room in the house.

Please find all the floor plans detailed below for each of the properties.

3 Fairway – Floorplan

34 Prykes Drive – Floor plan

40 Loftin Way – Floorplan

49 Hillview Rd – Floorplan

70 Cramphorn Walk – Floorplan

103 Bishop Rd – Floorplan

19 North Dell – Floorplan

11, 17, 19 The Windmills – Floorplan

24 Sutton Mead – Floorplan

58, 59 Swiss Ave – Floorplan

118 Sunrise Ave – Floorplan

152 Sunrise Ave, 48 Town Croft – Floorplan