As we now approach mid August, we are already receiving lots of enquiries for people needing accommodation in Chelmsford in September. People looking to rent a room for September typically come from the following situations.

1) Students returning to University after their Summer break

2) Teachers/Lecturers working in local schools and colleges returning after the Summer break.

3) New recruits starting a job.

Let’s look at each situation above in more detail.


1) Students – We generally do not rent rooms to students however we do look at each enquiry on their own merits. At the end of the day not all students are the same and we have had some great students as tenants previously and are happy to accept enquiries from Students. Typically they want to be located near Anglia Ruskin University or Writtle College and we do have properties that fit that criteria however it will always depend on what rooms are available at the time of the enquiry. Our rooms are also normally more expensive than a student would usually wish to pay unless we have single rooms available which seem to be within a student budget of around £75-£80 per week.


2) Teachers/Lecturers – Our most popular category of teachers tends to be secondary school teachers in Chelmsford at schools like Boswells. Teachers usually want to live reasonably near where they work but are not so specific about being within walking distance like many student enquiries. House sharing as a teacher is a great way to keep living costs down whilst you are still climbing the teaching ladder and allow you to save money for your own flat or house in the future.


3) New recurits in new jobs – After the summer months many employers look to take on new recruits in the month of September. Chelmsford has a growing number of large employers in the public and private sector and as such can often attract people not just locally but from far and wide from all around the country. House sharing is a great way to get to meet other people and also to use as an initial base to get to know the area and ultimately decide if it is a place that you would like to live and work in for the long term.


If you are in any of the situations above or just looking to rent a room in Chelmsford then please check out our latest available here or feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a viewing.