Chelmsford Property InspectionsAs part of our responsibilities of being a good landlord and looking after our properties and tenants, each month we conduct some standard inspections. These include testing smoke and fire alarms, replacing bulbs, taking meter readings, making a note and then scheduling any outstanding maintenance tasks so that the properties are kept in as good a condition as possible. Some tenants report the smallest of problems and sometimes what can be quite big maintenance jobs never get reported so we make sure we visit the properties regularly and have a look for ourselves what needs doing.

Many landlords that rent out rooms try to avoid going to their properties or simply have no interest in visiting them. It may even be that they don’t live in the same part of the country where the property is located. This is not good for the tenants or the property itself as it is likely to be run down and not maintained as it should be.

In our opinion it is important that we look after the properties not only for ourselves but also for our tenants. We offer a high quality service and can not do that if the properties are not looked after and up to speed with regards to the standards required to rent out rooms in a property.

If you are looking to rent a room in Chelmsford and want to live in a high quality, well managed and maintained property then we look forward to hearing from you. Our latest list of available rooms can be found here