We have recently started a maintenance programme of the communal areas in all our properties. The first property in Swiss Avenue in Chelmsford has had the hall, stairs and landing areas repainted, the 1st floor bathroom repainted and regrouted/resealed around the bath and the kitchen has been repainted as well. All the bedroom doors has been re-glossed also.

Due to the way these properties are let out on a room by room basis there tends to be higher volumes of people using the communal areas compared to a property that may be rented to a single family and therefore the amount of wear and tear is greater also.

Our 2nd property on Swiss Avenue is now having a very similar job done as the first one and we are in the process or receiving quotes for another 3 properties to have their communal areas redecorated and improved over the coming months.

We expect this programme of work to continue for approximately 6 months in total allowing for all the properties to be maintained whilst ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the tenants that are living in the properties currently. Our aim is to continue to offer high quality, low cost, all inclusive house sharing accommodation for working professionals and keyworkers in Chelmsford.

We hope to be able to post some photos of the project in the next few weeks.

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