Keyworker housing is a hot topic of conversation amongst the Government, mortgage companies, developers/builders and most importantly the general shortage of opportunities for key workers to be able to afford to live somewhere close to where they work.

Whilst it may be every key workers dream to be able to afford to buy their own place and be helped to do so with shared equity accommodation or interest free loans etc there is still a shortage of decent accommodation for key workers to rent in Chelmsford.

The biggest employer of key workers in Chelmsford is Broomfield Hospital. Redevelopment of that site has led to new accommodation being provided for people to rent but in some cases they either don’t want to live there or would prefer to live in other accommodation that gives them a bit more flexibility.

House sharing is often a good alternative to renting property on your own and particularly if you work with other colleagues that are in a similar position to yourself then it can make sense to share a house and rent your own individual rooms in that property. It is very cost effective and allows you to live with other people that you like and trust.

We have properties located extremely close to Broomfield Hospital and others located just off Broomfield Road that would be very easy to get to the hospital &/or get into Chelmsford town centre when you need to. Check out our latest availability here:


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