We often get enquiries from people that either work for a local business in Chelmsford and need to find accommodation for themselves or from someone that works for a local business and needs to find accommodation for other members of staff in the company. These could be people that are just starting a new job with them and therefore need somewhere to live also or simply due to the nature of the job need to provide accommodation for a number of staff members who perhaps have moved here from another part of the UK or even from a different country altogether.

Not many businesses are big enough to own their own residential accommodation and either consider renting a property themselves or simply putting the staff in a local hotel. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. We wrote a blog about this previously which you can find here.

The article highlights the potential saving in costs for the business of putting members of staff in a shared house versus renting a flat or putting people up in a local hotel. For many businesses they do not want the hassle of having to manage staff accommodation or even get involved in the process as they want to focus on what they do best. We provide a solution to cater for any requirement due to the size of our portfolio and the fact we have properties in most locations within Chelmsford.

If you work in or own a local business in Chelmsford and need to find accommodation for members of your staff please get in contact with us and we can try to solve the issues you have straight away.