Broomfield hospital has recently been expanded and improved since the closure of St Johns hospital in Chelmsford. The expansion has created more jobs and centralised many services from surrounding areas. This has created a bigger demand from tenants for accommodation that is based near the hospital. There is some accommodation on site for doctors and nurses to use and many do take advantage of that. There are also many that either prefer to live in private housing or use the onside facilities for a short while until they find more suitable property to live in.

Demand from doctors, nurses, ambulance service workers, nursing home carers and many other professions continues in Chelmsford with many actually looking or the most cost effective way to live and that includes looking at renting a room in a shared house near the hospital. We have 3 properties located immediately next to the hospital which is accessed off the main approach road on the left hand side. We rent out these properties on a room by room basis with shared communal facilities including a kitchen/diner, shower room and bathrooms. All the bills and included in the monthly rental payment which makes it easy to budget for your normal living costs.

Contract terms usually start at 6 months although in some circumstances we can be flexible on that.

Please click here to see a video tour of the properties next to the hospital.

If you want to live slightly further way from the hospital but still within easy travelling distance to Broomfield hospital we also have properties on roads such as Swiss Avenue, Sunrise Avenue, Towncroft and other roads in Chelmsford city centre.

If you are going to be working at Broomfield hospital then please see our later availability list here.