We manage a select number of new or existing HMO/Multi Let properties for other investors and landlords in Chelmsford. When you rent out a property on a room by room basis there are many aspects that you need to consider:


  • Fire/health and safety requirements
  • Management of multiple tenants
  • Registration of deposits
  • Multiple collection of rents
  • Provision of services at the property
  • Choice of utility providers
  • Regular maintenance inspections and improvements
  • HMO Licensing requirements


The landlords and investors that we manage properties for simply do not want the ongoing hassle that comes with most HMO type properties and so we are able to offer a completely passive and all inclusive management service.


Our requirements for the types of properties that we will consider managing are:

  • Based in Chelmsford
  • Meet or exceed the minimum levels of fire, health and safety requirements for these types of properties
  • At least 4 rentable rooms
  • Internally and externally the properties must be decorated and furnished in a similar way to our own properties
  • Going to be owned by the investor for at least another 5 years unless you want to sell the property to us in the meantime


We are able to tailor the service we provide for each property so please do contact us if you are interested in finding out more about what we can do and the fees that we charge.


This is a testimonial from one of our landlords that we manage two properties for in Chelmsford:


I used to live in Chelmsford and managed one of my properties myself but after having moved away and putting my own house up for rent it made sense for me to have someone else manage both properties. Chelmsford Rooms to Rent have been managing my properties for almost a year and I am extremely happy with the service they provide. They take care of everything from collecting rents and deposits, inventory check-in and check-out, property marketing, regular cleaning and gardening services, not to mention many other issues that pop up time to time. 


I would fully recommend Chelmsford Rooms to Rent to any landlord that’s looking for a hassle-free, all inclusive, management service.


We have also taken over existing HMO’s in Chelmsford that have been managed by other agents and one landlady in particular has been very happy with our service especially to help out getting everything in order as unfortunately the management of the property had not been done particularly well previously.


“Tony and Cheryl have both been very attentive and have answered my messages very promptly. Our payment was received on the 9th, one day sooner than I expected so I’m really pleased with the way things are going, thanks.  I’m very grateful to you all for helping me sort out a situation that was quite a mess!”